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Monday, April 12, 2010

Scary Monster Saturday

Some time around 1980 a Barbarian named Aagar climbed into an 150ft long Chambered Nautilus and met his untimely death.
Ever since that day his bane has been one of my favorite Monster's to hate. It's Called the Morkoth or the Morlock. If that wasn't enough he was refered to as the "Wraith of the Deep".
Alas, it's been roundly ignored by mainstream nerdia since then. No D&D miniature and no 4th ed. Monster Manual.
I think that this a glaring oversite, 'cause this guy is nasty!
Basically the Morkoth lures you into his lair, hyponotizes you, then starts munching on your extremities while you are still alive. Not a good way to go. If anyone has ever seen a Pewter of this guy you have to let me know. 'Til then I will be lobbying Wotc for this guys' inclusion in MM3.


  1. Last November, this guy came up in conversation on my blog, with Chris B of Rust Monster Ate My Sword bigging it up. My comment was:

    "There's only one thing worse than being killed by a Morkoth, and that's having to admit that you've been killed by a Morkoth.

    Because everyone will then rush off to the MM to check it out and see the picture. And then this conversation will ensue:

    "So you got killed by something that looks like a transvestite octopus?"


    "So how did that happen?"

    "I got hypnotically drawn to its lair and then it charmed me"

    "It charmed you?"


    "So you found a transvestite octopus charming?"

  2. The Morkoth reminds me of those really goofy Sentei monsters like you see in Power Rangers and such.

    I almost feel challenged to draw him as something actually scary.


  3. Well I accept the challenge, I shall sculpt this miniature, give me a few weeks and I'll post up some pic's...

    I was looking for a new challenge, I just finished my Beholder Masterpiece "The Flaming Eye"...


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