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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mosquitofolk : Aching for Blood by Zombie Sky Press

When I first downloaded this PDF I was slightly bemused. 
Three pages in I was nodding my head and grinning.  By the time I reached the end I was scheming about how I could drop my group into this buzzing buzz-saw.
This new product from Zombie Sky Press (love that name) is more than just a monster ecology, it also has some pretty kick-ass encounters and excellent M-folk lair map.  The nastiest of the M-folk was the Woundmage, seriously.  That even sounds nasty. 
I think I'm going to drop the Lair into my Pathfinder "Isle of Dread" redux.
Click over to their site to get more info.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dark Deeds In Freeport : Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

     If you're like me, you think that you're adventures are better than anything the big dogs publish.  Do yourself a favor and invest a little scratch in a patronage project, I did (Open Designs' Lost City).  Not only do you get to contribute to a published adventure, you get to experience how the whole process works. 
     Open Design's latest project is an adventure for Green Ronin's Campaign Setting the Freeport : the City of Adventure.  The goal here is to combine a Swashbuckling adventure with supernatural horror.  Sounds like fun!!!
     If you'd like give this try click on over to Kobold Quarterly and check out the section on how patronage works.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Advanced Feats: The Witch's Brew

I just got a chance to read the newest Pathfinder supplement from the hardworking Kobolds at Open Design.  Like the last one (the Alchemist), it has 3 builds and 30 feats.  It also gives the player a different prospective on the class from what is presented in the Handbook.  I particularly liked the Wicked Witch build with the Evil Eye hex and Craft Magic Tattoo feats.  If you are playing a Witch from the Advanced Players Guide you should get this supplement.  But as with the last Advanced Feat supplement you should discuss any feats you take with your game master. 
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I received a free copy of this product for review purposes.