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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kobold Quarterly Spring Issue II

Recently I was asked to review the Spring Issue of Kobold Quarterly. This is Part Two of that review.

  • The "Thrill of the Unknown" is a very good article by Monte Cook about fear and how to keep your players in suspense and on the edge of their seats. I love the smell of fear around my table. That’s how I knlow you’re doing it right.
  • Next is the King of the Monsters Contest Winner called “Spark”. As an electrician, it certainly got my attention. Basically it’s elemental that jumps into you, and makes you do bad stuff. The Math is Pathfinder, but could work for 3.5. I probably wouldn't make this guy my boss fight though.
  • The next one is a PC Bloodline called the “Scions of Shadow” to me this was the most interesting article. Basically your progenitors make nice with the Shadows and the whole family pays the price. Like it! This is mostly for magic users, or as I call them, 'Marshmallows'. I would like to see a Shadow Hammer for my Fighter.
  • The last article for this part is called Gamblers Magic: Wonderous Items of Chance. It details 4th ed. Magical items of a gambling natue. I like the Demon Dice. I won’t spoil it, but they are nasty.

Just a pet peeve here, but when you go to the trouble of introducing new magic items, give us a card we can cut out and give to our players. As a DM my time and patience are limited (this goes for you too Wotc). And, as a player, it would make things much better if we got a card instead of transcribing and looking stuff up.

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  1. I wrote the " Scions of Shadows" article. It is good to see that you liked it, thanks.


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