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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dark Tower or Dork Tower

OK, this game was so cool when I was a kid. Flashing lights, rotating innards and that annoying music. But now, it's been relegated to scrap pile of history with the hula hoop and Lincoln Logs. If you're feeling nostalgic like I was, play it for an hour or two. Or at least until your teenagers start making fun of you.
Here is a link to a Dark Tower flash game that plays like the real thing. Or at least the way I remembered anyway. BTW, the movie Kick-Ass Kicked Ass.


  1. I loved this game as a kid, and I have played the Flash game a few times for fun. The game may be dated, but I love the sound of combat in the game.

    As for Kick Ass...I am off to see it in an hour.

  2. I got this game off eBay around...what? 2002 or so? My family and friends have played it a gazillion times since (my wife is usually the champion). It's still great...and the artwork is truly beautiful. For me, it's the best part!


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