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Friday, April 9, 2010

Kobold Quarterly Spring Issue III

Recently I was asked to review the Spring Issue of Kobold Quarterly. The following is the last part of that review.

  • Hmmm, an article about sex and romance in RPG’s... The article is well written and deals with the subject in an adult manner. Which is more than I can say about most Role Players. Only recently have I played RPG’s with Ladies. So I never really had to worry about. Recently I've had a character that’s been romantically involved, it does factor in the story, but shouldn’t distract from having a good time killin’ shit.
  • Next is an article about "Destined" magic items. At first I thought I would never use this. I changed my mind. Basically, you get a Magic Weapon when you’re at lower level, and it evolves and grows with your character. Most of the time you throw away that +2 halberd when you find that +4 vorpal pictchfork. Interesting article.
  • The next two articles are about Dragon Age, a RPG based on a cool looking video game. I’ll be honest with you, my kids won’t let me near the PlayStation. Maybe one of these days I’ll try it, and I will let you know.
  • Last is a nifty underwater adventure seed. I like the idea and the map. I might use this to kick off my Sword and Sorcery/Cthulhu Mythos TPK. Oops, I meant adventure.

I really enjoyed reading each of these articles. A word of advice, read stuff about games you don’t play you might just learn something.

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