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Monday, November 29, 2010

Problem Solving with Kirk and Spock

     You don’t have to be a Dungeon Master or Psychologist for very long to realize that no two people solve problems in the same way. As a matter of fact, we count on that very fact for our entertainment. It’s makes Role-playing Games so much damn fun.  For the benefit of my geekly audience I have split problem-solvers into two camps and assigned two iconic protagonists to be their Mascots.
     The first group is the Kirks: Members of the Kirk faction solve their problems with derring-do and panache. Why shouldn’t we split the party when we can do it while looking great and get the hot green girl at the same time. Kirks rarely have a plan, rely on implausible plot improvisations and fantastic MacGuffins.
     The Second group is the Spocks: If you are a Spock you’re probably really good at math. Every problem has a logical solution that can be arrived at with a pencil and a piece of scrap of paper. Everybody has a role and must perform it perfectly for the plan to work.
     The Big Question is which one is better? Neither! In fact, Spock needs Kirk and vice versa. Each of these groups is represented around your gaming table. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have a Montgomery Scott (MacGuffin Builder and Polarity Reverser) and a Leonard McCoy (Wise-ass Cleric type)thrown into the mix. Which type of Role-Player are you?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventure Time is Totally D&D!

I, like most American Kids, grew up watching massive amounts of Cartoons.  I like to consider myself kind of a connoisseur of the Art Form.  Recently I've been watching a cool new show about a Paladin-Like young adventurer and his Funky Dog Pal. 
Not since the original Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon and Thundarr has there been a show that blends two of my favorite genres.  D&D and Cartoons.  The best part is that it does it without saying so.  Watch it with your kids on Cartoon Network, it's Damn Funny.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Take the D&D Iconic Monster Quiz

Take the Old School Monter Quiz and test your AD&D street Cred.  Post Your Results if you Dare! Click the Link Below. D&D Iconic Monster Quiz

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kobold Quarterly Winter Issue

     In the bookcase containing all of my RPG stuff is a big pile of Magazines.  When I'm looking to jiggle a few ideas loose from the giant pile of toothpicks that is my brain, I start going through the pile.  On top, is my growing collection of  Kobold Quarterly's.      
    The latest issue is simply chocked full of Pathfinder and D&D Goodies.
     For Pathfinder there are articles about Druids, Pit Traps and a rocking Giant Ant Ecology. 
     For D&D 4th Ed. there's a fresh look at mounted combat, a superior article on mechanical traps, and a cool compilation of skill stances (essentials anyone). 
Added to this is their always great artwork, insightful commentary, and short player specific content.
Whatever the "Switzerland of the Edition Wars"  is doing over there, continue to encourage them by buying their Magazine.  I fully expect to be reading Them for the next 20 years also.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From 101 Hit Point to 8, Will I Survive?

We're getting ready to start a brand new 3.5 campaign on Thursday night.  We're leaving behind some kick-ass 4th Ed. characters with some awesome magic items.

My guy was Grognard Deepmug who wielded the "Axe of the Dwarvish Lords" and had 101 hitpoints.  I'll be playing a Dwarf Caver (ranger) named Ergywyld Truesilver.  Not only is this my first ranger, it's also my first foray with 3.5.  I'm totally psyched! 

I'm not abandoning 4th, but our DM thought that this would be cool.  I like what I've seen so far.