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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kobold Quaterly Spring Issue

Recently I was asked to review the Spring Issue of Kobold Quarterly. It’s nearly 70 pages long and has 14 articles, not to mention the editorials, regular features and letters to the editor and such. I will endeavour to give each author their due and in the interest of brevity, which I’m told is the “Soul of Wit” I will break my review into three parts.
  • Cover and Interior art are above average. If I was scanning magazines in a store I might pass this one by. It’s very green and has dancing faeries and such. But you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I also would have liked to have seen some more art in Shoggoth article.
  • Ecology of the Shoggoth: I’m a big Cthulhu fan, and I’ve been itching to mix the Mythos into my sword and sworcery stuff. While the article is listed under the Pathfinder category, a minimum of tweeking it would fit into any system. Like it.
  • Lovecraftian Gods: Same as above, well written and fun. Who doesn’t want to stick a Cult of Nyarlathotep under a tavern in the Realms.
  • The Arquebusier: this is a gun toting base class for Pathfinder. Honestly I was a little confused by the title. But it was well written, and the math makes sense. I can see myself playing a Dwarf pirate with a Blunderbuss at some point.
  • Alternate Objective: capture the flag. This one made me think. Not every encounter needs to be a “Bug Hunt”. The problem is getting your players to believe it. This idea would work well with two opposing adventuring parties.

To be continued.

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