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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Worst Cleric EVER!!!

It's been suggested that Tamclarn the Shorn, my Tuesday nights' Everquest character, is the worst cleric EVER. That seems a little harsh don't you think?
OK it's possible that I might have refused to heal a party member. But, said character shouldn't assume that magic items belong to him. Also said character is a marshmallow-ish magic user with an un-naturally large forehead and shouldn't be anywhere near combat. Just saying. Also I haven't really read that pesky rule book.
Truth be told, I'm more of Tank guy anyway. Tanks don't need to read the rules. We just stand in the middle and kick ass and look sexy. And why would the rules (which I should probably read) say I can have a Brutal Warhammer if I'm not supposed to use it.
And, if the Barbarian fails into a pit then runs into a room full of coins, and basilisks, is it my fault? Should I risk my ass to heal him? Apparently I should.
OK, I'll read the rules! And if someone needs healed I'll heal them, even if they are stupid. Just let me kick some ass once in while.


  1. Hey, clerics don't have to be healbots. My party's cleric worshiped the Raven Queen and sometimes refused to heal dying (friendly) NPCs because his lady told him it was their time.

  2. ok.. first i'm the magic user i was in the back till we got flanked..... remenber.. go hit what you want just heal too...ps i don't want any of the magic items.. i took a ring that you can have just ask.....

  3. our cleric will heal anything, but he is an extremist zealot also and doesn't give a shit about the party's needs, only his god's. interesting, true to character and annoying

  4. This is what hapens when the shaman's schedule gets overloaded and looses track of the game. Good luck Sir Dwarf. Crack many heads open.

  5. We had a "worst paladin ever", mostly because he forgot about "turning undead" and other paladin-y things.


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