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Friday, May 21, 2010

Character Builder+Me=Gibbering Idiot

It's recently come to my attention that I am a gibbering idiot. No seriously. I'm playing in a good friends 3.5 clone campaign, and I have lost the ability to fill out and update a character sheet.
It's kind of sad really. I used to love doing it. Now I just stare at the book like a neanderthal with an iPad.
The problem is that I depend way to much on WOTC's Character Builder. If you haven't seen this bundle of digital crack let me explain. The character builder is part of WOTC's DM Tools. It allows you to create, store and print an infinite amount of player characters. It does every single bit of math. You can, in mere minutes, run through dozens of combinations of skill, powers, and weapons. Choose the best combo then print it out complete with customized power cards. It literally has everything. All the books, errata, and magazine articles updated monthly for you to choose from. I love it.
Beware, you will become addicted. They even let you preview the first 3 level for free. But if you play more than 4th Edition it will spoil you forever.


  1. I swear before the builder I could do math. Now the simplest calculations take forever.

    Damn you character builder!

  2. Strangely, I find myself not completely reliant on the Character Builder, despite the fact that I haven't any experience juggling the math of a pen and paper RPG.

    The fact is that while I like using the builder to put all the character components together, I don't entirely trust the math to it. I like doing the math manually so that I understand exactly where EVERY single +1 or +2 is coming from.

    My problem I guess with printed sheets is that they leave NO room to pencil stuff in, a particular bother as it means ink being used every time you level up.


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