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Monday, May 31, 2010

Not So Scary Monster Saturday: Gorbel

OK, you busted me. I did just buy a Fiend Folio last week. It's been at least 20 years since I've owned one. Now the scariest part of this guy is that he kinda resembles one of those red playground balls. You know, the kind that the big kids hurled at the skinny little nerdlings during DodgeBall.
-"the Gorbel appears as a red globe of thin rubbery material about 3' in diameter"
Andrew Key, Fiend Folio 1981
It looks like it is scaring the hell out of the guy in the fez.
From the previews I see that there will be some of these forgotten gems in the upcoming Monster Manual 3. Score!!!
It looks like WOTC is becoming more comfortable with thier customer base.....Old Farts.


  1. Hehe....looks like the Gorbel is saying "Er, exuse me sir, sorry, didn't mean to make you jump..."

  2. Gorbel's are EPIC, I'll guarantee you Gygax probably was inspired by a kickball when he created this thing.

    I never put one in a game, but I remember encountering a bazillion of them in a group I played in way back in the 80's (jesus I'm freakin old!)

    We ended up having to take them out with arrows as they avoided our "sharp weapons" (DM said they had "Hive Mind / Group Intelligence" & got smarter the more of them that grouped up). The DM was crafty and when they burst, they spread there seed/spores all over. We of course didn't know this was how they reproduced (& its not official canon, but still good stuff), we went back to town, our clothes got laundered, the "dirty water" was simply tossed out. & we ended up encountering another massive group of probably a hundred terrorizing the town when next we returned a week later after some more dungeoneering. Thinking ourselves victorious, the DM repeated this encounter awhile later. The townsfolk were decimated & we ended up killing them all & burning the town down. Which led to many more problems, lol.

    Great memories, thx for the trip. I think I might have to toss a couple of these into my current campaign, mwa ha ha ha ha (& of course they'll reproduce by fodder...)


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