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Monday, May 3, 2010

My First MMORPG Experience!

(panting) For the last two hours I've been running around a Dungeon. OK, the first hour I was trying to figure out how not to chop up NPC's. But, I might have actually been having fun. I was playing an MMORPG, which I swore I would never do. Of course I said that I would never play 4th Edition also.
The worst part was waiting for the damn thing to download. Now I'm not sure how much time I will spend playing xxxx MMORPG but it wasn't as bad as I thought. (this one is free and based on a popular pen and paper) I will definitely try it again.


  1. I too have played the MMORPG of which you speak. Tell you what, it is damned fun. Unfortunately, my keyboard skills are sorely lacking and fun was turning to frustration. It didn't help I started off by playing a wizard.

    Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

  2. Yes indeed ... having played the dreaded WoW ... along with pretty much every other decent MMO that's been on the market ... I really like the game your referencing. Its very casual ... since its free you can play it here and there and not feel compelled to "get your monies worth" as with the others. I like that its somewhat soloable too due to being able to use hirelings, etc.

  3. I also like the MMO you speak of. It is in my opinion the best free one out there. The company has done an excellent jov with it.


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