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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why do I Bother? (Red Box Game Day)

So I camped out the Bookstore today to DM the new D&D Red Box Game Day.  I had a blast, thanks for asking (pics coming soon).  As usual, there were several folks who stopped by just to tell me that they would never play this Edition.  And, that they predicted that the Evil Wizard's People would release version 4.5 just to mess with us all.  Worst part though is I argued with them.  How dumb is that.


  1. They want to argue because they are unhappy.

    Whenever someone invests their time into a project (games included), they become a stakeholder in that project. For this particular project, they weren't treated as stakeholders though, they were instead treated just like cash cows. To be milked for their earnings.

    They are not dumb though, and they are trying, in the best way that they know how, to warn you, that your collaboration in that matter won't earn their respect.

    This wasn't a problem when D&D was first released. Everyone back then was just glad to have a game with rules that specifically required that they customize or change the game to suit their particular needs.

    That game is gone now. Replaced with another game, one where the rules ignore the specific needs of the player, and instead try to shoehorn the players (and the GM) into fulfilling the needs of the publisher instead.

    See, I was like you once. I ardently supported the choices that the publisher made. Let them change their game as they saw fit, and openly and vocally supported them. I changed my tune though, right after they publicly insulted me, and called me a liar. What had I done to warrant such treatment at their hands?

    As a stakeholder, I had continued to play the game as I learned it, from the original edition. I didn't force anyone else to play my way, they could play any way they want. So long as they were willing to put together and run the game.

    Shoehorn: A curved implement often made of horn or smooth metal, used at the heal to help slip on an ill-fitting shoe.

    You don't see shoehorns being used anymore because cobblers make their shoes these days to fit the customer.

  2. If you enjoy the game and others you game with enjoy it, who cares? Unfortunately some people feel a need to self-aggrandise over it - usually those who can't find a game of their own.

    Next time you get hecklers ask them to set up an open game in their FLGS to give them a fair shake. Most will back down. ;-)

  3. We had hecklers back in the day. Oh did we. They were not gamers though. They were ignorant parents, protestant preachers, and news media professionals that were more interested in pursuing their own crazy agendas at our (us Gamers) expense.

    There were simply too few of us back then for us to ever consider putting down anyone else's games.

    P.S. I'll setup a game anytime someone wants to play. I was actually asked to setup a game for Redbox day, however actually had previously (before the game day was announced) made other plans. Also, I'm of the opinion it would not be wise, culturally speaking, to run a game on September 11th... At least for a generation or so...

  4. "I changed my tune though, right after they publicly insulted me, and called me a liar."

    I'm curious (honestly, no snark at all) what you are referring to exactly here. I don't follow every word released from everything so I don't really recall this.

    "There were simply too few of us back then for us to ever consider putting down anyone else's games. "

    I don't know if there were fewer, but it was certainly more difficult to organize back then. The internet has allowed groups to connect and have a presence no matter their geographic location. 3rd edition had a lot of detractors and grumbling, but the online community was much less organized. No blogger network, not as much echo chamber.

    "September 11th"
    Not to be impolitic, but I'll disagree. It's been 9 years, I think it's time to start letting go. I mean, if you're of a mind to memorialize something that's fine, but doing that doesn't mean you need to do nothing else that day, and not have some fun.


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