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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My First Podcast Attempt

I enjoy listening to Podcasts about Roleplaying games. Before I tried it I thought it would be difficult and time consuming. Turns out, once you decide to do it, it's not that hard to pull off. On the right hand side of this page is a small media player with the last 25 minutes of our first Keep on the Borderlands actual play session. If you are extremely bored, listen to it. I think we have pretty interesting group, and we always have fun. Let me know what you think.


  1. I must be bored then, because I started listening. :)

    Cool idea!

    What would be nice is maybe an intro and some narration throughout the session. It might help tune the listener in more.

  2. As soon as I figure out how to do it.

  3. NICE!

    You can find a plethora of freeware to mix in additional audio. I did this way back in 04-06 were I recorded my regular groups session with a webcam suspended above the table looking down while I recorded it with a digital recorder. We also had a semi-successful 10 minute podcast show that we would do right after each session. Would love to do it again, fun stuff.

  4. I've heard Audacity (free program) is good for doing the audio. I'm checking out how to use it now. :)

  5. If your interested in DnD in play, here are a couple of other podcasts you might want to listen to.
    First, the Wizards of the Coast Podcast, with several episodes about upcoming products, as well as questions asked by listeners, and games staring the folks that bring us Penny Arcade web comic, and Wil Wheaton.

    Also, Role Playing Public Radio, has 2 podcasts, A regular podcast about role play in general, including reviews, stories, and interviews. and the RPPR Actual Play podcast, which includes games of all types, and a bunch of systems, including the over 30 session 4e campaigne, "the new world"

    Critical Hit, a podcast from the people at www.majorSpoilers.com starts with the host being new to roleplay in general, and 4e in particular, and follows him in his campaign, and even has a couple of episodes where he learns to DM.

    and Fear the Boot, which does not have an actual play podcast, but is about Roleplaying in general, and is very informative.

    Those are some of the podcasts i listen to on a regular basis... if you care.. :)


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