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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The New FunGeons Masters Guide

Having fun is more important than the rules!  If you're playing an RPG and not laughing a lot you're doing it wrong..  Once in while put your books where you have to get up to retrieve them.  Then do the same for that cardboard security blanket between you and your players.  And, if the Guy who's pretending to be a blue demi-giant wants to toss the hobbit-ling on top of the baddie let them do it, no rollsy's.  If the players will drive an hour to sit with a bunch of nerds, refuse to take a break, and have shot Mountain Dew out of their noses, you're doing it right!
Please Please Please, if you have any tips to share that will help those of us who are painfully shy to cut loose post them below.  Nothing is better for me than when one of my players, who wouldn't say shit if they had a mouth-full, jumps up and yells (in the middle of a book store) "I tea-bag the Ogre!"


  1. Hmm difficult to explain my method, but I feel momentum is key to a great game, though sometimes hard to build, never ever let it stop. Keep it going whether you have to fudge it or not. Nothing kills a fun session quicker than rules (or a rules lawyer)!!!

    I would also add that time played is crucial! When we were 14 we could wrap ourselves around an all night gaming session, but in our "adult" lives a well played few hours hits a home run more often than not...

  2. I agree. It's better to just make it up. No one's gonna care if you're wrong with a particular rule. You can always look it up after the session and make a mental note of it.

    Lately, I've also been taking the screen down or having it off to the side. I don't like to feel separate from my players. I feel that I can interact more with them without the screen.

  3. I'm always standing & walk around the table, I like to stand next to my victims mwa ha ha ha. Plus I sometimes make a players roll a huge D20 (for effect). That and role playing interaction seems to be a lot better. I've got big round cards with the characters & monsters stats on them & a picture on one side I flash...


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