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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Obligitory Gen Con Post (psst, I didn't go)

OK, I didn't go to GenCon this year,  even though it's not that far. I've been laid off since before the last one, and I didn't want to blow the cash.  But, I did learn a few things.  First of all my friends are awesome.  Each one brought me a little something.  Cool dice and Kobold patches and stuff. Thanks again kids!
Secondly, there are organizations that will pay for your room and badge.  All you have to do is DM while you are there.  Cripes, I've been doing it for nothing.  Sign me up!
Thirdly, if you buy 23 Decks of Many Things at the Green Ronin booth they will give you a hell of a deal.  Wait, What?
Yes, one of my friends bought a 23 Decks of Many Things so that he would have one regular deck and 22 decks with 22 of the same card in it.  Diabolical.  I'm not going to rat him out, but be afraid, very afraid.
Hopefully the Winds of Employment will shift soon.  Next year I hope to be hardly sleeping in my free room, DM'ing my butt off, and not buying 22 extra Decks of Many Things.


  1. I caught a guy trying to cheat at the Deck of Many Things. We had decided, on a whim, to use the Deck in our game, but decided that we would first take a break.

    During the break, I caught this guy marking one of the cards in the deck (a really good card). So, (secretly) I got out a new deck and marked it myself (the worst card). Just before the player picked his card, I told him that the deck's dealer summoned a demon, and that the demon was there to punish cheaters.

    Well, the player picked the card that he thought he marked. He flipped out as his character got destroyed, and the demon said, "And so you have been caught cheating."

    Yeah, I don't play with that guy anymore.

  2. You should really 'volunteer' to DM for the fest next year. That'd be awesome. :)


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