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Saturday, June 26, 2010

DM Reward: Tomb of Freaking Horrors

I was feeling a little blue about not being able to go Origins this week. But when I got home today my good behavior was rewarded in spades.
Let me first say that I love Free Stuff and I love Dungeons and Dragons, so I love Free Dungeons and Dragons stuff most of all. But I never expected a free redux of the greatest module ever!!! I knew that WoTC was releasing a TOH adventure book, but I hadn't heard that they were sending out the module!!! At first blush it looks Eerily similar to the original, with one exception a freaking huge poster map of the whole dungeon! Now it's not to 1in=5ft but it's beautiful. Now I have to find a group to torture. This makes being a DM worth the hassle for sure. Thanks Wizards.

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  1. I must find one of these.. I want to play in it if you run it too!!


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