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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dark Sun, 1st Encounter

Last night was the kickoff for the second season of D&D Encounters. (photo's soon) I had the pleasure of DMing for 6 complete newbies. That's right, 6 and it was awesome. Consider this, an entire adventuring party that you can shape and mold. Six players who have no idea what the edition wars are. Everything I do is new to these players. In addition, it happened to be three married couples.
Instead of trying to dump everything on them at once, I hit the RPG basics one at a time and slowly.
First I spent about 45min on Athas and the basic Classes of D&D. Then we role played for about an hour. The combat went better than I expected and only one player got nuked. (Sorcerer got a little to close to the melee action)
Obviously the whole the encounter took twice as long as was planned, but the time flew by. Of course, I won't know if they really enjoyed it until next week and they show back up.


  1. Sounds like a blast, maybe i'll come up next time.. :) ~ Slye

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