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Monday, February 1, 2010

Gaming Paper

Last year, while updating my Facebook page, one of those "side ads" caught my attention. It was for something called "Gaming Paper". What I saw intrigued me, and tweeked my "Old School" meter. So I ordered a roll.
Long story short, I have been using this ever since.
Basically it has 1 inch squares or hexes. It's 12 ft long and 30 inches wide. And, are you ready for this, it costs 4 dollars!!! You can't get a cup of damn coffee for 4 dollars. I was able to put an entire dungeon on it and roll it up in between sessions. It is hands down better than the dry or wet erase battle maps. I've posted more in-use pics on their Facebook page (I'm a big fan). Order a roll and try it.

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  1. I like the paper too - but I am partial to the flip maps from paizo, I think I even like them better then dungeon tiles but they have their uses too esp. when you combine them. Of course I would use Dwarven forge if I could leave the dungeons up without them getting broken and I had the cash for all of the sets multiple times over =)

    I think the best idea was having people make random rooms - that was fun!


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