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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your Hobby Needs You!

I think we owe it to ourselves to get as many new people to play RPG's as we can. One of the best ways that I've seen is the WOTC Game Days. The next one is March 20th to promote the Players Handbook 3. I don't always agree with everything that WOTC does, and I don't plan to buy the PHB3, but I think that these are genius. For those of you not familiar, WOTC sends a box of fig's, pre-gen characters, and maps to your local store. On the designated day anyone who shows up should be able to play 4th Ed. Now, here's the rub. The folks who own the store need Dungeon Masters.

Personally I have a blast doing these. The first one I did was out of my comfort zone, but now I find myself really looking forward to doing these events. I would like to see Hasbro pony up some cash to really promote these Game Days. One of better moments was when a dad who had played in the 80's brought his son in to play for the first time. The way his face lit up when he found out that his character was a Dwarf like that movie and he likes to fight giants.

Do yourself and the Hobby a favor and run a game on the 20th, you might find your next gaming group.

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  1. I've run a couple of these, and played in a few too. They're simple, they're fun and they're all about the people at the store having a good experience. Support your hobby and your FLGS at the same time. This is me seconding what a great idea this is.



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