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Friday, March 19, 2010

"Hammerfast" is a Big Bag of Cool

  • Just by happenstance I was in the FLGS when the UPS guy showed up. He had all kinds of dice and Mini's and goodies and such. In the stack was the RPG supplement "Hammerfast". O.K., I knew it was coming. But I wasn't prepared for the coolness.As everyone knows I'm a Dwarf-a-holic, so I had high expectations. In brief here are my thought at first blush.
  • I think it was an excellent idea.
  • The art is excellent, and I like the whole Old School vibe.
  • The big pull-out map is very nice. One side is the whole town (scaled to fit) the reverse is the town's most interesting Tavern. I'm definitely going to get it laminated.
  • Each feature, NPC and building has a little fluff but not too much.
  • It does have some adventure hooks in the back, saving those for later.
  • It's vague enough to be dropped into any setting.
  • The inside cover map of the area is a nice touch (love the hexes).

Long story short, if you like Dwarves, buy it. If you need a base of operations for your party, buy it. If want someplace that ready to go when your party needs a rest and refuel, buy it. I plan on keeping this within arms reach whenever I'm playing D&D.

I give it a 5 out 5.

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