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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party of One Adventures: Kalgor Bloodhammer

Recently I received a copy of a solo adventure for the Pathfinder Rules System. It follows the first exploits of a young Dwarf, Kalgor Bloodhammer, coming into his own. For those of us "seasoned citizens" who grew up with TSR's "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, it was a reminder of those Golden Days of Yore. I Played through it three times and got different results each time. Not only is it entertaining, but it can teach a novice the Basic mechanics of Pathfinder. This is a good supplement to the Pathfinder Starter Box, and was fun for even a Jaded Grognard like me. I am printing several copies to give to my nephews to play. It also includes two sample character sheets for play with the box set. I will post the feedback from my nephews when it comes in. Well done. At only $2.99 for the PDF I think it's a good buy. Follow the link for more info....

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