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Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Legend of Boggy Creek" the RPG

Recently I was reading the Pathfinder "Game Mastery Guide". (Excellent Book BTW) In the back, under references the Movie "the Legend of Boggy Creek" was listed. I remember going to see this in the theatre with my Dad. No, there wasn't much to do in 1972. I was scared shitless! I think the fact that this was a docu-drama lent it an air of believability.
Had this film not been made I'm sure life as we know it would pretty much be the same. But, I love this movie because of it's flaws, and because of what it does right. I'm curious to know how many of us are influenced by such "cheesy" cinema. Certainly one of my favorite encounters was based on a terrible Hercules Movie from the 50's.

How about you?

"The Legend of Boggy Creek" is available on Netflix.

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  1. Not exactly sure. There have been too many pros and cons to so many classics, that I don't want to start. Still, how about the RPG?

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