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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kobold Quarterly #16

Kobold Quarterly #16 is about a week old now and I feel it's time I weigh in.  To put it simply it's the best gaming periodical on the market, print or digital!  Having had brief peeks behind the curtain only amazes me more. It's literally produced and marketed by less than ten people!
This issue, as with the others, has something for everyone:
A Gearforged PC race for 4th and Pathfinder
Harem Assassins
New monsters and spells.
Book Reviews.
Mini Adventures and maps.
An Introduction to Midgard. (more later)
and much much more 

If you cannot find something you like in this magazine I will eat my Dungeon Masters screen!
Do yourself and your gaming group a favor and try Kobold Quarterly.


  1. Gosh! I want that, but i honestly hate PDFs and the shipping fees to Italy are insanely high!
    Grrrrr.... ^_^

  2. Hi Paper & Plastic:

    A subscription will give you the lowest overall cost, though as you mention shipping is still high. It's $27.99 base + $32 shipping to Italy for 4 issues. Which is a really good deal -- we Kobolds actually eat some of the cost of the mailing and will unfortunately have to suck up more when US postage rates raise again in April.

    Alternatively, the pdf rate is quite, quite low ($15.99) and could print out just the articles you'd like to use and put them in a binder.

    -- Kobold Minion #1

  3. Yes without a doubt, KQ is the best RPG'zine around!!!

  4. I believe that the comments made by Anonymous are really enlightening. If you really like this gaming periodical, you can choose between the two options suggested above. I also prefer Word documents to PDFs, but if there is no alternative...


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