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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kobold Quarterly Winter Issue

     In the bookcase containing all of my RPG stuff is a big pile of Magazines.  When I'm looking to jiggle a few ideas loose from the giant pile of toothpicks that is my brain, I start going through the pile.  On top, is my growing collection of  Kobold Quarterly's.      
    The latest issue is simply chocked full of Pathfinder and D&D Goodies.
     For Pathfinder there are articles about Druids, Pit Traps and a rocking Giant Ant Ecology. 
     For D&D 4th Ed. there's a fresh look at mounted combat, a superior article on mechanical traps, and a cool compilation of skill stances (essentials anyone). 
Added to this is their always great artwork, insightful commentary, and short player specific content.
Whatever the "Switzerland of the Edition Wars"  is doing over there, continue to encourage them by buying their Magazine.  I fully expect to be reading Them for the next 20 years also.

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  1. Absolutely, having an in-hand print edition is so better suited to my gaming style. I hate dragon & dungeon magazines digital only formats.


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