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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remember that one time when....

.... my Dwarf., who was wielding the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, rolled (3) 20's in a row and he turned into Moradin and kicked some Giant Ass.

Many human activities have traditional storytelling methodologies. In my own experience three important ones come to mind.
  1. Poker- anyone who has ever played poker has a "Bad Beat" story. It usually involves you having a pair of aces and some Jackass having a 3 and a 5.
  2. the Navy- all sailors love to tell stories, and I have about 10 good ones that I have been telling for years. Over the years these old "chestnuts" have morphed into amazing epics with little in common with what actually happened.
  3. RPG's- You all have them and you've listened to hundreds of them. If they are short, I will listen to (1) or (2) before I start thinking about how I can fake my own death.

If you would like to share an old RPG "chestnut" for digital posterity please leave one in the comments section. If you don't mind please keep it to around a paragraph.

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