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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Encounters: Dark Sun

Just picked up my package for season two of Encounters. So far it looks pretty cool. Having not played the original I'm not sure what to expect. My biggest concern is that the books, minis, and tiles aren't due out until Aug. I already have questions about the geography and geology of Athas and I'm not even half-way through the module. I'm guessing I should just revert to the original for any questions.
It appears that they are using the same places and races in this incarnation. Also troubling is the fact that there is no big map of the Tyr region. Now, in the forums it's been said that the '91 maps were consulted. How much, I'm not sure. If anyone has heard anything different please let me know. Here's to 15 weeks of fun.


  1. Yup all the old source material can be used as "Official Canon".

    Plan on firing up a monthly trip to Athas for Public Play @ my FLGS soon (printing flyers for it as I type this, lol)!

    I was a HUGE fan of DS back in the day & played in a weekly campaign/group from 91' till we eventually split in 99'. I played a bit of 4E @ D&DXP & had a long conversation w/ Rich Baker back in January. I absolutely fell in love with it all over again!

  2. oh yea this site is recognized by Wizards of the Coast as the Official Dark Sun site on the internet, it's got some good resources.


    some other good stuff;


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