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Monday, September 3, 2012

Pathfinder: the Comic Book #1

If you enjoy Role-Playing Games and Comic Books (who doesn't) you should add this to your pull at your local comic book store. The fine folks at Paizo and Dynamite have done something that I have not seen before. They have added an encounter and a pull out map to their CB.
The art is a mass-market adaptation of the awesome paintings in their RPG products, and the story is lot's of fun.
If you are trying to interest younglings in the game this will be an awesome tool, as it dovetails nicely with the Beginers box product as well.
The Comic fills the first 2/3rds of the book and the rest is character profiles, adventure hooks, and notes about the area of Sandpoint where the adventure is set.
The pull-out has a mini poster on one side and an encounter map on the other.
Love it, will review future issues here.
Link to Dynamite Webbie

Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Harlot Table; Finally After Thirty-Three Years

     I was playing Pathfinder on Tuesday, when an amazing planetary alignment occurred. My 4th Level Wizard, Murduck the Dabbler, was be-friended by a Lady of the Evening. While fleshing out this NPC one the Old-Timers suggested we consult the Random Harlot table of the "AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide".
     Like many pubescent nerds in 1980, I pored through this amazing Tome with a zeal rivaled only by those Playboys my Dad had hidden in the Garage. I recall reading the table and wondering vaguely what a harlot or a courtesan was. Certainly this info was cataloged and forgotten until Tuesday. Of course this is the kinda shit us old nerds live for.
     Fortunately, we were at Backlist Books, and several copies were on hand. The original table is on page 192, if you have one. But, I will recreate it here for those who don't. Thank You Charlie for remembering and Mr. Gygax for the many years of fun.

01-10 Slovenly trull
11-25 Brazen strumpet
26-35 Cheap trollop
36-50 Typical streetwalker
51-65 Saucy tart
66-75 Wanton wench
76-82 Expensive doxy
86-90 Haughty courtesan
91-92 Aged madam
93-94 Wealthy procuress
95-98 Sly pimp
99-00 Rich panderer

P.S. I rolled a Typical streetwalker, but was hoping for an Expensive doxy at least.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party of One Adventures: Kalgor Bloodhammer

Recently I received a copy of a solo adventure for the Pathfinder Rules System. It follows the first exploits of a young Dwarf, Kalgor Bloodhammer, coming into his own. For those of us "seasoned citizens" who grew up with TSR's "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, it was a reminder of those Golden Days of Yore. I Played through it three times and got different results each time. Not only is it entertaining, but it can teach a novice the Basic mechanics of Pathfinder. This is a good supplement to the Pathfinder Starter Box, and was fun for even a Jaded Grognard like me. I am printing several copies to give to my nephews to play. It also includes two sample character sheets for play with the box set. I will post the feedback from my nephews when it comes in. Well done. At only $2.99 for the PDF I think it's a good buy. Follow the link for more info....

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Secret Lives of Dwarves

     What would Fantasy RPG's be without Dwarves? Hopefully we'll never have to find out! I certainly make no bones about it, I'm a Dwarfophile. Not sure how or why it happened, but it did. I love old and new school dwarves. If I'm not parked behind the DM Screen, I'm role-playing a bearded Denizen of the Deep Places.
     My Favourite cannon on Dwarves would be "Dwarves Deep” by Ed Greenwood (1990 TSR). This is the definitive tome concerning the Dwarves of the Forgotten Realms.
It includes:
A poster size map of the Subterranean Realm
Name tables
Clan names
And, a Who's-Who of Faerun Dwarvedom. A quick E-Bay search yielded several copies in the $15-$20 price range.
     While this would qualify for most as Old School, Dwarves have been around for a very long time.
The first such historical references date back to Ancient Egypt. Certainly much of we know about fantasy dwarves owes itself to Norse Mythology. If you’d like to add to the list of Dwarvenly Goodness please mention them in the comments below.

Friday, March 18, 2011

50% Off Anniversary Sale at Kobold Quarterly

If you play D&D, Pathfinder, or Dragon Age click over to the Kobold Quarterly Web Store for their HUGE Anniversary Sale! What started as a hare-brained idea has turned into THE stop for DIY fantasy rpg'ers! Happy Anniversary! RFI!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Legend of Boggy Creek" the RPG

Recently I was reading the Pathfinder "Game Mastery Guide". (Excellent Book BTW) In the back, under references the Movie "the Legend of Boggy Creek" was listed. I remember going to see this in the theatre with my Dad. No, there wasn't much to do in 1972. I was scared shitless! I think the fact that this was a docu-drama lent it an air of believability.
Had this film not been made I'm sure life as we know it would pretty much be the same. But, I love this movie because of it's flaws, and because of what it does right. I'm curious to know how many of us are influenced by such "cheesy" cinema. Certainly one of my favorite encounters was based on a terrible Hercules Movie from the 50's.

How about you?

"The Legend of Boggy Creek" is available on Netflix.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Haunted Hovel: FREE Pathfinder Encounter

Last year I wrote a Harrowing Haunts encounter for Kobold Quarterly.

Today they added two new Haunts to the Encounter, by Maurice De Mare.

This is tailor made for any spooky forest encounter, especially the Old Margreave!
Also, I found a sweet (FREE) Papercraft Hovel model over at Fantasy Cutouts!

This, plus some spooky roleplaying is more than enough to entertain your group for a session. Maybe you can make a fire and toast up some smores. It's all FREE, what's better than that on a snowy Tuesday! Oh yeah, get your FREE copy of Kobold Quarterly issue #11.